Puppet Theatre at Winter Gardens

Helsinki Winter Gardens are always lovely, but especially at Easter: kids love looking for all the Easter chicken, eggs and witches that have been hidden among the plants.
The Puppet Theatre that was on during Easter holidays didn’t disappoint this time either: the story was about Pessi and Illuusia, the troll that met a fairy who slid down a rainbow to a forest. They fell in love, she lost her wings and was therefore forced to stay in the forest to experience the four seasons. Pessi the troll teaches the fairy Illuusia to survive.

Kids loved it and we were lucky to go early because there were really loads of people for a scenic but crowded setting. Kids got to the front row though and most adults were happy to stay further back.
imageAfterwards we, of course, took a look at the fish and the plants.

As the sun was shining brightly we decided to finish the lovely afternoon with an enjoyable walk along Töölö bay to the city centre. That walk still works, with ducks and all!



  1. A fairy and a troll – story of my life 😉

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