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A Family Project: 1000 Pieces

A family project, quite a meditative and addictive one too. My cousin has a Christmas tradition were they always buy a new big puzzle for the Christmas holidays to be built together. Now I get why! It may be difficult but it is for the whole family: our 4-5 yo kids have eg looked for […]

Top 3 long lived affordable family activities

The other day I made a list on the affordable long lasting toys that I definitively would recommend to any families with small children. That made me think of three activities that we have liked already before kids, and that we have continued with in some form or another with them as well. 1) Swimming […]

Cultural Afternoon

First off was an interactive folk music show by the trolls Skrubiluttan and Skrubiluttan at Lilla Luckan (were we’ve been many times before for various cultural events for children in Swedish). My boy helped the musicians by playing along with his ukulele (kids were encouraged to do that but he was the only one taking […]

Painting Glass Jars

It’s almost the time of the year again when we with gifts thank the adults that have been wonderful to our children. We have carers, an iceskating teacher and gymnastics instructors to remember. I like to give something personalised, something that is actually from the kids too but prefer something the teachers can use. What […]

Barcelona, Spain and 💕

Me and my husband met backpacking in Spain in 2005. We are happy to still be on the journey even though there has been less backpacking in the recent years. When we got married, we vowed to return to Spain, especially Estepona in the south, for our tenth anniversary. Time wise Spain didn’t work out […]

Top 6-7 long lived, fun and affordable toys

It’s been a while but at Easter had fun with play do’h again. I realised we’ve been having fun with play do’h for at least 4 years with my children, it’s a long time considering my eldest turns soon 6!  Of course the playing has developed with the years: first the kids explored the feel of […]

Romantic Getaways

What does it involve for you? On our honeymoon we tried to everyday see the sun set or rise, usually with a glass of bubbles. Now when I asked my husband what he wished, the answer for different but a delight to me: most importantly no schedule. No exact plans but freedom to go for […]


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