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Find a Bug

I did it on a spur of a moment but our children loved this! When I saw the book, “spot a bug”, on sale for a couple of euros, I bought it hoping we’d get some use out of it when camping in the summer. I don’t know too much about bugs because…ewww! But kids […]

Kids Packing

Kids Packing

Holiday Books for Free

I’ve reached a milestone this spring: I have no pile of books waiting to be read. I was going away for a long weekend and expected to have more time to read (than I’ve had in the last 6 years with small children). Sure, I have a huuuge pile of books I want to read […]

What’s Free About All Inclusive?

Well, nothing. But maybe it is sometimes worth it? Resort holidays have never appealed to me; there’s no local culture to speak of, and I burn in 2 seconds in the sun. We used to be backpackers, we love road trips and camping! But we booked an all inclusive holiday on a family resort in […]

Happy Free Cows

After a long winter in a barn, the cows of the Helsinki University were let out on May 7th. It’s lovely that they announced the time! Probably hundreds of city people gathered there to do the countdown, see the doors open and the cows run and jump out of joy on the pasture. They’d made […]

Mother’s Day Flower Picking

Awww, the simple joys! Ever since I was small we’ve picked these white flowers to Mum on Mother’s Day. When I told my husband about it, he’s seen to it that I get some too. This year he’s at work but I suggested we’d go and pick some with the kids. They were very excited!  […]

Next Step of Sewing: Cross Stitches

My daughter has gotten really good at sewing paper pictures but wasn’t interested in more “real sewing” after the initial bear. I thought she did really well sewing it but she didn’t want to do anything similar so maybe it was a bit too advanced? Instead we went to a yarn shop to look at […]


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