Next Step of Sewing: Cross Stitches

paper sewingMy daughter has gotten really good at sewing paper pictures but wasn’t interested in more “real sewing” after the initial bear. I thought she did really well sewing it but she didn’t want to do anything similar so maybe it was a bit too advanced? Instead we went to a yarn shop to look at cross stitch designs.

I wanted to buy a rather small design first to create the feeling of accomplishing something. But none of the small ones had the pattern painted on the canvas, so we opted for this duck to be cross stitched onto a pillow. They were on sale and this material and pattern cost 5e.

It is quite a big project for a little girl. I talked to my daughter about not expecting it to be finished in a day or two. She didn’t mind. She seems to have gotten the idea too: she pics her sewing up every now and then, makes a few stitches and then leaves it for another time. She does really well (the picture is from the first days)! Hopefully she’ll stay this excited but it feels like this was a good next step to my crafty little girl.


  1. […] wanted to sew a little bear using stitches she had learnt at daycare, and then we started to make a pillow with cross stitches. The bear and the pillow for cross stitching were unnecessary big as projects, I’ve been […]

  2. That is so beautiful! It is hard to sew on small crosses. Pillows make it harder. She is really patient 🙂

    1. This is pretty easy with big clear holes to help but I still think she shows great patience (=mum is proud)

      1. Definitely proud of her!

  3. Sewing paper pictures is a good idea! Cheap too! I think I will try that…

  4. I never learned to sew, cross stich or knit. How great you are teaching your daughter a skill and craft that will last a lifetime.

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