Holiday Books for Free

I’ve reached a milestone this spring: I have no pile of books waiting to be read.

I was going away for a long weekend and expected to have more time to read (than I’ve had in the last 6 years with small children). Sure, I have a huuuge pile of books I want to read for work or studies. But those are not for a holiday. I bought a book in a book shop at the airport as I didn’t have time to look after the book swap place that exists somewhere on Helsinki airport.

I looooved reading an easy but beautiful book on the long weekend away! After the weekend I gave the book to a colleague at work. It was a good book but there’s no space for all books on our shelves. We only keep the ones we may read again. I suppose there are those who can relate to this?

At my last work place it was easy to rotate books: we used to have “book swap campaigns”. We’d bring in books to give away, and take home the ones we were interested in. Genius!

When we now in May were going on an other holiday (lucky me!), I wanted more good stuff to read. There are libraries of course. But it takes time to choose what to borrow. One should remember to return books on time. I don’t like any extra deadlines if I can avoid it.

Instead I asked on Facebook for recommendations and willing book lenders. After all, even the books I want to keep, the best ones, I am happy to lend to friends.

I ended up with great recommendations for books I would have never thought of. Also, after a half an hour walk in my neighbourhood I had picked up four books to read with no time restrictions. Sustainable and easy.


As I thought four books for a one week holiday with kids was too optimistic I took two along. And enjoyed my reading time immensely!


  1. […] and work (where I need to read a fair bit), I pretty much stopped reading for my own enjoyment. But I’ve refound the joy of reading during my holidays last year, and now, with the Autumn beauty and the ever darker evenings present, […]

  2. I love to read and whenever I get a chance I plop down with a book. Right now I have three different books that I am partially through. A work of literature, a biography, a fantasy novel, and a plain old novel. Then I can read whichever book suits my mood. 🙂

    1. That’s awesome Jen! I’d never remember what they were about if I’d have so many going on, still need to learn to remember there actually is time to read ☺

  3. Now that Mr. T is older, I’m able to read again – I could when he was little, but then it stopped so now I’m glad it’s back, I’ve made it a priority! 1/3 of my books are to help me improve and the rest for fun… so far it’s been a good book year!

    1. Cool! I love books so I’m happy to find the energy and time too read them again too.

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