Want to play football?

I’ve never been very interested in soccer. But a year ago my son, 3,5 years then, wanted to play it. I didn’t think he’d be ready for a team sport, but he insisted and a nearby team in Helsinki told me they often have 3,5 year old boys there. So I took him to a trial training.

He didn’t get the general and vague instructions at all, but he had fun running around for 30minutes. Then he wanted a snack and exlaimed he won. Never mind the training was still going on strong and to be repeated weekly, we left happy. Aftewards I’ve heard very similar experiences from other families with this young kids.

This spring he brought football up again. He is older but I still thought he’d benefit from more hands on instructions. I was recommended the football school at http://www.liikuntaleikki.fi by other parents. It’s been awesome!

The liikuntaleikki football schools are all over Helsinki outdoors. You sign up for a weekly training in one location for 12 trainings in May, June and August for 99e (eg many junior team cost about 40e/ month). Every child has their own ball and they rehearse in diverse and playful ways how to handle the ball. There are several coaches so the instructions are given directly to a small group (instead of them being hollered from the side to a big bunch). The coaches are young but they show in a very instructive way what the kids need to do.


Parents need to wait on the side in case there is an injury or need for the toilet. I suggested my to daughter she’d participate too even though she hasn’t shown any interest in soccer. But with my husband often away she needs to come along as well and I thought it’d be more fun to play than to watch. Turns out she absolutely loves it too!

It is not free but I find the price fair and good value for money.

What is free though, is our floorball mums getting together once a week to play football outdoors! We didn’t want to commit to the rent of a space with all the holidays. Football was suggested and I surprised myself by joining it too. None of us is very good but we get excersice and have fun. For free.


  1. Now you made me think of signing up my boy for football. He loves it. It is a pity his school doesn’t offer it. I just need to find one that is fine and not so competitive. Over here, everything is a competition. Even sports. Often, that kills the interest and that is bad.

    1. Unfortunately football here gets quite serious quite early too, already 7-8 year old children may have 3-4 trainings a week and then games every weekend (I just wonder why, if you look at our “success” in football it is pretty clear his approach doesn’t create world class football players anyway😀😁😂). But that’s why I was happy to find this school/ club, one with the aim on fun for children.

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