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Sightseeing by Scooter

Our kids are 6 and almost 5, the stroller has not been used for a long time, but still the idea of walking isn’t always taken by storm by them. I actually think they walk good distances in the forest or to a playground/ to catch up with friends/to buy ice cream… that is, “bribed” […]

Free Super Food

Lately we’ve been busy taking what the nature provides us: black, white and red currants are ripe in the garden, blueberries and raspberries in the forrest.  Forrest strawberries are almost gone now but maybe we’ll make it to a strawberry farm still this weekend. There we could pick our own berries to cheap or for […]

Holiday Wishes of a 5yo Boy

Well, my son is almost 5. He wished he’d 1. Get to see ducks. 2. Get to drive pedal cars in the traffic park 3. Get to sleep in a tent. Check, check, check. This brings me back to why I initially started blogging. Many more reasons have come up later but I still believe the […]

Cost of Camping in Småland, Sweden

Småland, the area on the east coast of Sweden south of Stockholm, seems to be full of lovely, tidy small towns and clean nature. There are also a couple of Sweden’s main attractions for families: I believe the zoo Kolmården is the biggest one in Scandinavia (well, geographically just north of Småland), and the World […]

Lovely Öland

My previous time on Öland was with my parents about 30 years ago. Going there now camping with my family was nostalgic, and both trips are now full of good memories. The island is beautiful and I certainly could have spent more time on the Swedish island than the 3 nights and 2+ days we […]

Swedish Idyll in Vimmerby 

Vimmerby, the  home of Astrid Lindgren, the beloved author of many favourite children’s books such as Pippi Longstocking, Emil of Lönneberga and the Children from Noisy Village. A picturesque town with a lot of cute old wooden houses. So pretty it deserves a visit even if you are not interested in Astrid Lindgren! To be […]

Why Buy Toys?

Who says kids need expensive toys? We had a scooter, various ball games, task books, toy cars, a big playground close by onow our camping trip in southern Sweden. What did the children choose to do? – A city made with pine cones. – Climbing on a big rock. Another day, another city, and I […]

Castle in Kalmar

The famous castle in Kalmar, Sweden, offered us a nice stop to strech our legs. We didn’t bother paying the entrance fee, which in 2016 was 130kr/adult and 100kr/child. But we had a nice walk marvelling it on the outside, played a bit at the playground close to it and were then happy to continue […]

Free Fun and Old Time Charm in Torekällberget, Södertälje 

Södertälje is about an hours drive south from Stockholm. On a lovely sunny summer day we opted for a stop there in Torekällsberget, an open air museum with farm animals, child friendly with eg opportunities to hop in hey and a charming set up of a 18th century town. So much to see and to […]

Kivinokka, a Green Blast from the Past

I finally got around to enjoy one of the hidden gems of Helsinki, Kivinokka on the north side of Kulosaari. We parked the car and chose the Rantapolku to start off with. There are other paths one may choose too. Even though the name of the peninsula refers to something filled with stones (kivi = […]


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