Alone at Home

Last week I had a glimps into how my life was before the kids came 6 years ago: I had to stay home because of work but my husband was at away working the week and my kids at my parents. so I was alone.

What a special treat!

I have hardly been alone for 6 years, mostly when alone not at home, and certainly not alone at home for several days and nights in one go.

Funny how much time there was!

I worked longer days than normally but still managed so much. I could first sit down for a cuppa when I came home. Or I could catch up with a friend without hurrying to pick up kids from kindergarten. There were hardly home chores to do because there was nobody to make the place a mess, there was hardly any laundry, and I wasn’t about to cook for just me (there is yogurt, there is salad and there are restaurants and cafes. Who needs something else?).I had time to exercise 2-3 hours every day (my body was in for a chock…), watch TV (which I hardly do at all otherwise) AND sleep long nights.

This was my last week of work before summer holidays. Usually, by the time my summer holidays are here, I am so exhausted that I feel I truly need them. This time, I felt full of energy and was happy to embrace more time to spend with family and friends. What a difference! I know what i will wish for my next birthday/Mother’s day present!!!

But then, awww, the cuddles I got when I got my beloved people home again. One week alone was great but it was also enough. Now I feel I have more energy for my family again!



  1. Now I get what you mean on peace and quiet at home 🙂
    I wouldn’t have known what to do if I get such a luxury. It is like back to those days when I had no kids. The silence in the house would have knocked many thoughts and inspirations in my head and prompted me to write vigorously on the blog. Or maybe I would be busy revamping the house deco and busy myself to fight off the silence. Coincidentally, I have read one more mummy blogger’s post on a temporary 3 weeks without kids by her side too. I have not had a short period of alone time without kids and should contemplate on it some day.

    1. I was happy I decided to just do what I feel I need most and leave all the “should do’s” till a later day. But I’ll have another similar week in August coming up, maybe then I finally go through the last unpacked moving box…😉 before autumn hectic kicks in.

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