Cost of Camping in Småland, Sweden



Småland, the area on the east coast of Sweden south of Stockholm, seems to be full of lovely, tidy small towns and clean nature. There are also a couple of Sweden’s main attractions for families: I believe the zoo Kolmården is the biggest one in Scandinavia (well, geographically just north of Småland), and the World of Astrid Lindgren is a fantastic place for everyone who has read her stories.

Sweden over all is, in my opinion, very child friendly and has good facilities to take care of them. There are, e.g. baby changing rooms pretty much every where (and not within the rest rooms for women but so that men can take care of their babies too), most restaurants have the option for a child sized meal and high chairs etc. It is also a safe place, and if you want to make it very cheap, the Freedom to Roam exists in Sweden too. We like the facilities of the campgrounds though, so didn’t explore the free option. We were, however, positively surprised by the prices: We anticipated Sweden to be more expensive than Finland but it wasn’t. Nice for our budget on this trip.


Pretty Kisa


We spent 7 nights in Sweden, 2 in a hotel for free (due to my husbands work) and did not  pay for gas (again, work benefit of my husband), two in Vimmerby and three on Öland island. We mostly had a meal or snack at a restaurant / cafe per day, and cooked the rest ourselves. In this way, including the entrance fees, we spent in total about 1500e (approx 15 000 sek).


Is there anything more Swedish than a sausage kiosk in every corner?

2 nights on Vimmerby camping cost 560sek.

3 nights on First Camping Ekerum on Öland, loads of facilities such as pool, great playground and beach. Some activities cost separately such as pedal cars and engine driven cars in a tiny traffic town. Due to low water levels a shower cost 5sek/4min. In total 3 nights in a tent cost 990sek.

Restaurant meals seemed to cost mostly 89-129 sek/ adult, 69 sek kids. We spent another 250-300 sek/day to buy other ingredients for our family of 4. Could have done it cheaper too.

As for entrance fees we (=4ppl) paid around 1400sek to see he world of Astrid Lindgren, about 1600sek to Kolmården including Bamseland, and about 400 sek in other entrance fees (castles, lighthouse). On top of that we paid for us, a station wagon and a cabin on the ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm and back (some 4-500e. A car costs during the high season).

Långe Erik Lighthouse at the north end of Öland


  1. fromdreamtoplan · · Reply

    Beautiful pics!! Thanks for sharing, reminded me the lovely road trip I did in Denmark, great memories!

    Lisa |

  2. I hope you liked your stay here in Sweden, it is interesting to hear what people actually do when visiting the area 🙂

    1. It is beautiful over there! The luck with weather helped of course☺

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