Free Super Food

Lately we’ve been busy taking what the nature provides us: black, white and red currants are ripe in the garden, blueberries and raspberries in the forrest. 

Forrest strawberries are almost gone now but maybe we’ll make it to a strawberry farm still this weekend. There we could pick our own berries to cheap or for free (check the policy of the farm if you are interested in this too). Or maybe we just pop in to the market to buy a big box of them for a good price in order to put some in the freezer for a good price. Soon lingonberries will also ripen in the forest. 

I love the right to roam in Scandinavia! That gives everyone access to forest berries as long as you respect the houses, gardens, and the immediate closeness of them. Fortunately it is easy to do that as there is plenty of forest here.

We may not need the berries as much as they did in the old days, when berries provided people some vitamins during the long Finnish winter. But they are delicious, free/affordable and nutritious, so why not?! 

Besides, picking berries is a nice way to enjoy the lovely weather outside! 


  1. These are so cool! What do they taste like?

  2. Sounds great! We have right to roam in Scotland too but the selection of wild berries is less, lots of blackberries and in a few special places raspberries and strawberries.

    1. I didn’t know you have the same right! Awesome! But apparently you need to know your spot☺

  3. Oh yes! This is a great season. We have already our blueberries in the freezer, currants are almost ripe, and gooseberries.
    To the bushes!

    1. Ooh, gooseberries… need to check if my parents have too many for them to pick😉

  4. I so want to do this! I am going to Nuuksio next week. Do you think there will still be any berries?

    1. Maybe? Especially if you don’t take the mostly walked path. Hope you find some!

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