Basic but Fun Crafts Stuff

Usually in the summer our “crafts” tends to be more like building sand castles outdoors. But after almost 4 months outdoors my son refound some old pages with ready made models for an airplane and a tractor. I’ve pulled them out from some old magazine, but he immediately wanted to do them. 

It was fun to do something like this again! It could be quite easy to make similar stuff on our own, just draw a model first on sturdy paper. Such a great cutting excersize with rounded shapes. 

Once the children refound all the basic crafts stuff (which they nowadays have access to themselves any time), the kids really got into creating again. I think these shopping bags and envelopes they created are pretty awesome!

Simple but loads of fun. One great thing in doing something not too demanding with your hands together is that the kids tend to chat about their day and their thoughts. It’s lovely! So for these we/they only used basice stuff like paper with pictures on one side, glue, sticky tape, scissors and string.

As they both enjoy creating things, we will be heading to the Kattilatalo during the Children’s Weekend (10-11/9/2016) of the Helsinki Design Week. I believe the entrance is free. The programme is pretty awesome in case you are interested too!


  1. […] paper, scissors, glue, pearls, sticky tape, paint etc available for them and they think of much more amazing things to make than I could ever suggest. Like the museum they made (and then what our living room looked […]

  2. So cute! I love craft projects with Z… currently she has a little loom that she is making a baby doll blanket. It is so fun working with the yard and chatting while we do it. I am having so much fun with her!

    1. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to chat while doing something like that!

  3. russelljwood2015 · · Reply

    Have you ever tried simple origami with your kids? I think they would like it!

    1. I have, tou are right, they love it! And they are better at it than I am:)

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