Drummer Boy

My son got to try cajón drums on the annual children’s festival Skidit festarit when he wasn’t even quite 3. Ever since he’s been wanting to play more.

Last spring I bought him and his friends a special drum lesson and he totally rocked it! And asked to play even more.

Last summer in Sweden we then bought him a djembe drum. It has proved to be very good value: he plays it while creating songs but also puts different bands on and follows their rhythm.

I love that he’s found his way to be creative! What an awesome hobby he can have at home (We’ll see what our neighbours say in a few years time if this development continues to a proper drum set…), just the way his sister likes crafts and designing clothes. I’m also surprised but happy to see how he trains, he hasn’t been known as the kid with the longest concentration span in the world (even though that of course, with age, has increased too) but he truly loves his music.

Not free but as parents we wanted to invest in supporting him in what he is interested in, therefore we enrolled him this Autumn in a rhythm music group for only 5 children his age at a time at the local music school. He absolutely loves it! This group costs 200e/ year, which is a typical level of cost in Helsinki if the teacher is professional.


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  3. Claire @ bletheringbylinley · · Reply

    What a cool hobby for a five year old – I can just imagine my parents’ faces if I’d taken up the drums at five – or ever!

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