Reading Classics

I feel a bit embarrassed that I haven’t found the time to teach my kids the habit of going regularly to the library. After all, libraries are awesome!

But at least I stick to reading, every night. I’ve never been the one to save when it comes to books but buy them happily, ask for them when people enquire what we’d like and if there’s a sale, you can be sure I won’t rush past it. I’m happy to say my kids love our evening story time too. I sure do too.

But nowadays I love the evening reading time even more: our children have grown, and they enjoy exciting stories. New stories (instead of looking at the huge tractor for the 67th time). Stories I used to love as a kid. Stories where there is more text than pictures.

There where lovely and typical Uppo-Nalle (Finnish), Lassemaja (Swedish) books and, of course, the children’s books by Astrid Lindgren and Elsa Beskow.

Now there are The three musketeers, Around the world in 80 days and Robin Hood and other classics. Children’s versions naturally. My children love them! I enjoy reading these old classics again. Do you know how awesome it feels when a TV programme mentions Verne, and my kids ask if it is referring to the author of “the world in 80 days”?!

As for me, I almost stopped reading when the children came. When I was still at home, my sleep deprived brain could still focus on some magazines but when combining small children and work (where I need to read a fair bit), I pretty much stopped reading for my own enjoyment. But I’ve refound the joy of reading during my holidays last year, and now, with the Autumn beauty and the ever darker evenings present, there is nothing better than a good book when kids are asleep.

I hope some of my love for books and stories have been passed on!



  1. You are one of the awesome mums to read to your kids every night. Nowadays we have less frequent bedtime stories to the older kids but I still try to read to my littlest one. My elder kids will come sit beside and listen and reminisce the childhood stories that they are so familiar with. I must agree reading is wonderful and we shall not stop. I had just resume reading only this year. And I am reading Classics which I had missed during my childhood days. It is never too late to read 🙂 I am glad you had picked up reading again 🙂

  2. I use to love reading to my son when he was young, every night before bed. He is now 35, it is time for the grandkids turn.

    1. Terry, your grandkids are lucky to have a grandfather who lives reading☺

      1. Thank you, my granddaughter is suppose to read for 20 minutes as school homework everyday but she likes to read for an hour, I am so happy.

  3. Hello dear friend, I hope you are doing good! The pretty covers of this book attracted my attention. My little one is ever so slowly starting to appreciate books a lot, and I am really glad he does, because I too love reading (though like you I had almost dropped the habit!)

  4. Yay for books! 😀

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