Family Weekend in Gdansk  

Gdansk was a great destination for a weekend: A flight to Gdansk only takes two hours from Helsinki, and it has just enough to offer for a couple of winter days. And it’s beautiful!

We stayed at Scandic: Kids obviously loved the big bath tub at the hotel but they especially loved the big window shelf. There they sat  drawing what they saw from the window shelf. There was loads to see as the hotel has a great location opposite the beautiful main train station and was only a 10 minutes walk from old town.

The first day we got to know the lovely old town and tried local food and treats. Highly recommended.

The second day we visited the Westerplatte and, of course, the lovely Christmas market. Kids loved the Ferris wheel (had no entrance fee) and the merry-go-round  (free, but donations could be made). I tried warm cider (eewww….) there.

People in Gdansk were lovely, happy to help and happy to speak English. As so many other places, Gdansk must be absolutely stunning in the summer with its many outdoor serving areas. Also, we’ve heard the beach is fantastic but didn’t feel it as a must go in December.
However, the city didn’t have a lot for children. The only “playground” we found in town, next to the new theatre, had only swings, benches and dog poo. There would have been a few museums but they didn’t seem like ones that would be fun for the children. However, Scandic in Gdansk had quite a few lovely small details to make children feel welcome, there was a kids play corner, kids got balloons etc. And ours were very proud to order their food all of their own!


All views in this post are mine, nobody has asked me to write about Gdansk nor reimbursed me for doing so. But Gdansk was worth a visit and we were satisfied with the hotel!

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