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Dad vs Mum: Hobbies with Children 

– is there difference between what you do and your spouse does with your children? Or how your parents spent time with you? This is what the divide looks like in our family: Hubby and kids: building stuff, Lego, science projects, figuring out how things work . And I am more than happy to let […]

Charging the Batteries as a Family

Finnish has a few great words and one of them is “kalsaripäivä”, the “underpants day”. We had a couple of those during the holidays after Christmas, we just charged the batteries, and loved it: kids got out of their pj’s at noon, we read, kids watched children’s programmes, played a few board games and played […]

Cross Country Skis 

A no brainer for to do in winter but still such a great way to be out and about: The key, however, is to be prepared for it, when the snow comes as it also goes here in the south of Finland very fast. As we bought cross country skis at Sporttidivari last year, we […]

Lux Helsinki 

Still two more days to go (5-9th January 5-10pm. The walk stets from the market place), it’s totally worth going to:

Kids Making Crafts

I believe it’s worth having crafts supplies out for kids to take when the creativity hits; the other day I refilled their crafts drawer and while I was busy, my 5 yo son made among others a cool rocket and my 6 yo daughter made a pretty angel card. I don’t have heaps of materials […]

DIY Colourful Ice Lanterns

Colour water with water cokours in different jars (avoid glass…) or cartons, let it freeze, build your own design of a lantern (most would layer them like bricks. We are more creative) and get a proper outdoor candle for it.

Free Labour

Getting the snow cleared and the “workmen” having loads of fun doing it. I quite like clearing the snow too, good excersize in fresh air. As long as it is not 5 am and a hurry to dig out the car to get to work on time.

Blowing Ice Bubbles

When the winter comes with 20cms of snow and -20 degrees (Celsius) pretty much in one day, it’s time to go out and blow soapbubbles that turn into ice.


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