Cross Country Skis 

A no brainer for to do in winter but still such a great way to be out and about:

The key, however, is to be prepared for it, when the snow comes as it also goes here in the south of Finland very fast. As we bought cross country skis at Sporttidivari last year, we went immediately out when there was enough snow (like a week ago). We made a track in a near by park, and kids were going strong and having fun for about 45 minutes until they claimed their toes were getting cold. No wonder, it was about -20 Celsius degrees and their is only space for a pair of woollen socks in our skis shoes.

When kids were younger we only had skis for them they can just put on their shoes , good enough for the short distances and the training.

Hopefully we’ll get a few other days as well for cross country skiing this winter!



  1. I have downhill skied since my mid-twenties, and always wanted to try this but never did. I must put it on my list of things to try.

    1. I think you’ll love it! It’s a good way to enjoy the beauty in the nature too.

      1. I have always seen those positives of nordic skiing, but time has never let me try it here in Southern California. 😦 I will get to it sooner than later.

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