Dad vs Mum: Hobbies with Children 

– is there difference between what you do and your spouse does with your children? Or how your parents spent time with you?

This is what the divide looks like in our family:

Hubby and kids: building stuff, Lego, science projects, figuring out how things work . And I am more than happy to let him take the kids to merry-go-rounds and other speedy-whirley-(nauseous)-entertainment.


Me and kids: more crafts & art stuff, singing&reading, crosscountry skiing


We both do:  ice-skating, swimming, and bike riding. Downhill skiing, camping and hopefully more kayaking this summer.

Actually I play with legos too if asked to join a game, and hubby does crafts, reading and such with kids even on his initiative. But there is a slight difference in the emphasis on what we do. Maybe we got married with my husband since we like similar stuff…?!


So we give the kids a little different experiences and skills but lucky they have other adults in their lives too providing them with more:

  • 20150726_173929My brother takes them often to explore the forest, nature and caves and he’s taught
    them to cook on a campfire.
  • My mum has taken them fishing, loves baking with them and is a skilled art painter herself giving depth into techniques etc.
  • My dad loves to wrestle with them and apparently provides the funniest bath entertainment.

Just to mention a few. Hopefully our children get to try a lot and will find their own passion on the way!

What did you love to do with your parents/ what do you do with your children?


  1. Great post, in our house daddy does all the running about and mama does all the role-play and story telling. Our baby girl loves both equally!

    1. So cool your girl gets such a variety. And that your partner takes care of the running now when that must be very heavy for you😉

  2. Seems like you’ve got everything covered.

  3. Definitely distinctions between what my husband and what I do with our boy, given how polar we are as a couple in our interests and temperament. Cute post. You reminded me to PLAY more with the little man (as focused on the homeschooling as I am).

    1. Play is so much fun! Can be educational too but fortunately doesn’t have to be always😊.

  4. I think the main difference with us is that I spend a lot of time just chatting and having a giggle with our daughter, whereas her dad just doesn’t know how to do chat… lol. Perhaps that’s why her Finnish didn’t really progress!
    Do your kids speak with their dad in English? I guess they would have picked up English quite well if that’s the language you and your husband use together at home?

    1. Our kids speak three languages, also English. Their English is OK but their vocabulary is smaller than in Swedish and Finnish, but then my husband is away every second week. We have a fair bit of other English speaking friends (kids tend to use Finnish or Swedish between them though and English is more of an adult language for them) and dvd’s and other English sources around us though. And the older they get the more English they get. Must be much harder to teach Finnish to a child living abroad! Not hearing much Finnish at all apart from the parent… but haha, a Finnish man who doesn’t chat, who would’ve thought they’d exist?😉😂😀

      1. Hehe, yep, such a rare characteristic for a Finnish man 😜
        How amazing that your kids are trilingual! Do they learn Swedish from you? They will breeze through their language courses at school, knowing those key languages already.
        It is definitely hard to teach Finnish in Australia… we catch up with other Finnish families from time to time but the kids just speak English with each other! Oh well, we know she will pick it up really fast once we move to Finland because she already understands quite a lot and kids are such sponges 🙂

        1. I grew up bilingual so our children grow up automatically surrounded by both local languages as well. They go to daycare/preschool/school in Swedish too but will have “the other home language” (whatever that means…) tuition in both Finnish and English as well. I think our next few weeks long trip to Australia will boost their English more than the tuition at school 😉 but it is something.

          1. What a wonderful opportunity your kids have (and you had). Is Swedish their strongest language?
            Definitely the best way to improve language is to spend time in the relevant country – how exciting! Which part(s) of Australia will you be visiting? Tervetuloa 🙂

            1. One is very strong in both Swedish and Finnish, one chooses to use Finnish more than Swedish but hard to say.

              We’ll be in Sydney where we used to live and then drive along the coast to Ocean Grove. Yay!

  5. From my childhood I loved long walks with my dad.
    Your children have lots of interesting things to try, they must love it.

    1. I remember loving the long walks too when I got a bit older. Great opportunity to good talks – also comfortable silence together!

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