Long Hauls with 5-6 yo Children 

At the airport: great for PokémonGo and reading excersice for a beginner. The motivation to find out what the signs say is there.

On the flight: 

  •  our kids packed each in their bag a design book (cars/clothes, very much in use), a few comic magazines and books, yarn for doing some finger crocheting (which they didn’t do) and our son took a few cars too. Our daughter used to pack Barbies or similar but does’nt anymore. They got some dried fruit and nuts to snack on in their little bags.

  • I packed new sticker books and a text book that I read for them, which were a hit between all the programme watching.
  • I also packed exercise books thinking we’ll have time to help now, a few games like bingo, a deck of cards, a letter game and some cardboard that we can colour and just pop out and fold to make animals. None of this got used… plenty of screen time but isn’t that the case for most adults on long hauls too?
  • We always also packed carrots, mandarins, rice cakes/dry bread, biscuits and a few sweet surprises saved for the moment when the patience is running out. Carrots are always a hit, lovely to snack on something that stays pretty fresh.

The kids did so well that I had time to read a book and watch a movie, which is quite a difference to a couple of years back. As a summary I’d say long hauls with kids this age is no more of a pain than without kids and that I can cut down on the entertainment I’ve taken along for the flight.

Do you have more tips to share or another view on long hauls with “big small kids”? I’d love to hear them!



  1. […] the long hauls to Australia in March-April, we decided to explore Estonia, which is only 2 hours away on a ferry. […]

  2. I totally like your choice. That should do it for most kids.

  3. I have found that we don’t use most of the entertainment stuff we pack, either! Between eating, dozing and watching movies and the flight map we don’t seem to do much else. I can’t wait to see what flying with a 7yo will be like – no doubt even easier and peaceful now that she can happily sit and read long novels. Have a lovely holiday! 🙂

    1. Yes, and normally there is at least something they will eat of the offered food as well. Makes life easier😊

      1. Definitely easier once they’re big enough to have their own seat and meals. My daughter loves aeroplane food as she gets things we wouldn’t normally give her and it’s fun how it comes in so many parts 🙂

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