Sydney – Affordable Top 5 with kids

Sydney is an expensive place to live in, even for visitors the cost of accommodation is sky high. But it is such a lovely city that offers so much! Fortunately there are things one can do for almost no cost too.

1. Darling Harbour is no brainer but it IS a lovely area and has a fantastic playground. My daughter loved the big water play section as we don’t have that in Finland. The Chinese gardens are close and a beautiful little oasis in the middle of the city traffic. There is an entrance cost but it was only a few dollars. Kids got maps for the area and got excited when they could go hunting for the hidden animals. Canons further up by the ships were a hit for the boys.

2. Sydney has such lovely parks, most have a playground but taking a little ball along ensured enough fun for everyone in any park. So, picnics in parks is such an easy way to catch up and for everyone to have fun. 

3. Ferry rides are a low-cost must with a number of options. We went to Manly to show our kids were we once got married but we also went to tranquil Watsons Bay with a grat view. If you feel like a little walk, it would have been an easy and beautiful to walk out to the heads or along the shore for a bit. Seeing the Opera house wasn’t that interesting but the army boats by Garden Island were a great sight on the way.

4. Our kids loved listening to the different bird sounds, spotting cockatoos etc.

5. Spotting flying bats at dark was exciting too. We walked to the Royal Botanical Garden to see loads of bats sleeping in the trees but unfortunately they are not there anymore (some things change in 10 years…): the bats had been scared away from that garden to the Centennial park. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to go there to see all the bats sleeping in the tree.

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