Wildlife on the South Coast of NSW

We fell in love with Narooma, Australia! We were just supposed to stretch our legs a bit on a short boardwalk there in the morning before driving further. But then we spotted a small stingray. Then a lot of fish in various sizes and colours. And saw the tidal movement (which virtually doesn’t exist in Finland).

The locals were as friendly and helpful as they mostly are in Australia: they advised us to walk further up to see more stingrays. We stood about a meter above the water and saw two meter long stingrays swim under us! Magnificient!

We didn’t spot seahorses or octopus, which apparentely also often are there. But we saw pretty pelicans, and Sammy, a seal with a crook eye, play in the water. Again the locals told us more about Sammy and were we could see more seals very close. (I haven’t used a zoom in the pictures).

Later in Eden we stopped for a picnic lunch up on a hill with a playground, picnic tables and a lookout. We were just debating if we’d have time to visit the whale museum there, and then we saw four dolphins play in the water. Needless to say, we rather used our time watching the spectacular free show of the nature than going to an indoor exhibition.

I find the south coast of New South Wales very pretty: so many picturesque small towns with lovely people and most amazing wuldlife. The best of Australia!


  1. Ah I miss Australia! Although I’ve only been to Melbourne. Sounds like a wonderful time you’re having over there. I hope you’re making enjoying everything from nature to coffee to food etc. 😊

    1. Oh, we sure did!😊

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