Island Adventure for Kids


Harakka island in Helsinki is known for its nature and hatching birds. But in the summer they also organise guided nature adventurers for kids, some with special themes. We participated on one adventure on July 9th, and my kids loved it!

It was a lovely sunny day, and the adventure started by the guide reading out a letter that had washed up in a bottle. The tour was for 4-10year old kids, my kids 7 and almost 6 were the perfect audience. The kids learned some details of sea life and plants but also just had fun walking on boards, doing water graffiti on the rocks etc. Perfect holiday fun.
Harakka is easy to reach by a boat from the jetty by Cafe Ursula in Merisatama. A return trip takes about 2 minutes and costs 5e/adult and 2e/child. The times for the island adventures are best found on Facebook by searching for events on “Lasten saariseikkailu Harakka”.


  1. Wow I haven’t been to Harakka yet. Must visit next summer! Sounds like a great outing for the kids ☺️

  2. I almost miss having a little kid, as I loved events like that! Almost, almost miss it! Mr. T is moved out and living on campus at college, and just like every other stage of his life, it took some adjustment, but now I love it! 😀

    1. My kids are younger but I can relate; a couple of years back my friends started to have 3rd babies and we thought about it too. Because, well, soon it won’t be possible anymore. But then thinking about all the things we can do with these two, small adventures, downhill skiing, kayaking… and now it is easy. A baby would bring joy, for sure, but all the rest would be so much more complicated. It was great but now it is time for new things😊

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