Camping Holiday in Estonia

After the long hauls to Australia in March-April, we decided to explore Estonia, which is only 2 hours away on a ferry. We loved beautiful Estonia, there is so much more than Tallinns Old Town to it!

Cost of the holiday

This holiday cost us, a family of 4, about 500e, food, ferry (with car. We booked early) and entertainment (Spa in Pärnu, kids went on one of those high adventure climbing courses in Tartu, pedal cars) included.

Having said that, we invested in a tent and sleeping bags before our first camping summer with the children 4 years ago, so no extra cost this summer. A night in a tent for 4 people (2 children) seemed to cost 15-25e on the campgrounds.

We don’t pay for gas (hubby’s work benefit), we spent one night at friends place and the last night in Tallinn in a hotel for free (due to points my husband accumulates in his work),so these may add the cost for others.

Also, where wouldn’t the food be cheaper for a Finn but outside of Tallinn it was very affordable for us; a restaurant meal for 2 adults and 2 children cost around 20-25e. We mainly cook ourselves when camping and even with a gluten free (a bit harder to find) diet in the family we spent around 150e on food in a week.


From the ferry terminal in Tallinn we directly drove to Haapsalu, were we spent a couple of nights on Pikseke camping making a daytrip to Hiiumaa island. We spent a couple of nights in Pärnu enjoying the beach and on a rainy day the spa. From Pärnu we drove via  Viljandi to friends in Tartu, and would have been happy to explore Viljandi more. After Tartu we drove via Mustvee by lake Peipsi to Tallinn for the last night.

The distances are small, all together we sat about 9-10 hours in the car. As driving didn’t take up much time we had more time to enjoy Estonia – but not enough! We want to have more time on the islands (Hiiumaa, one day wasn’t enough, Saaremaa, Vormsi), the north east coast and around lake Peipsi. Another time.

More details in separate posts coming up.



  1. Amazing post..It’s good to hear about trips that is good on pockets 😃

    1. Yeah, we all like them👍.

  2. frugal travel I love it

    1. It is very rare to travel under the budget! But we had a fantastic holiday in a lovely country.

      1. sounds like it. your writing voice revealed a fond memory

  3. . can you give us more details

  4. . But as I said, we didn’t really look into hotels at all.

  5. I am visiting a friend in Helsinki at the end of August and we were thinking about a few days in Estonia, I look forward to reading your next posts 🙂

    1. Great timing! In two hours you can drive from Tallinn to Haapsalu, Pärnu or lake Peipsi, about 2,5 hrs to Tartu, so even in a long weekend you can cover a fair bit!

  6. Sounds like a great family trip. I love to hear about these cheap and easy family holidays from Finland 🙂

  7. But if we want to stay in hotels and not in tents .. can you give us more details

    1. Not really, in Tallinn we just used my husbands points so I don’t even know the normal price. In Pärnu we due to heaavy rain spontaneously booked a one bedroom apartment in the city centre. We looked one up on and were very pleased with the apartment. There were many to choose from and they cost around 90e/night downtown. This is the high season though. But as I said, we didn’t really look into hotels at all.

      1. Thank you dear Freebutfun … I have been to Rega in 1986 for 2 weeks and I enjoyed it a lot. Particularly the concentration camp in the forests … under the snow with a lot of wind and breeze …

        1. I was in Riga “slightly” later, i think it was 2009. Still worth a visit, especially the shore Jurmala.

          1. Oh Yurmala is superb .. very romantic and again it was covered with snow

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