Swimming in Mustasaari

Now we’ve tried it, swimming in Mustasaari, the perfect island for a family day trips within Helsinki. I’ve blogged about the island last summer here, so I won’t go into other details than that today we did our annual day trip to the island, and this time we had our swimsuits with us. The water […]

Mustasaari – Free Island Perfect for Family Day Trips

Mustasaari is a lovely place to go to in Helsinki with children! It is an island owned by the Lutheran Church but free for everybody to use. However, the return trip on a boat cost 4e/adult and it is a 15min ride to get to the island. Boat Walhalla pics up passengers to Mustasaari island […]

Kivinokka, a Green Blast from the Past

I finally got around to enjoy one of the hidden gems of Helsinki, Kivinokka on the north side of Kulosaari. We parked the car and chose the Rantapolku to start off with. There are other paths one may choose too. Even though the name of the peninsula refers to something filled with stones (kivi = […]

Rock Climbing, Sibelius and Cafe Regatta

Another part of Helsinki that is lovely on a sunny day is the area around the Sibelius monument in Töölö (not that far from Töölö Bay, also good for family walks). We first enjoyed a stroll along the shore, which has beautiful views, among others to Seurasaari, but it’s also good with kids because it’s […]

Jyväskylä is Great for Families!

We will need to go back to Jyväskylä, as we found loads of fun and reasonably priced things to do there: The lovely animal yard in Lievestuore about half an hours drive outside of Jyväskylä that I fell in love with. The traffic park (liikennepuisto) in Viitaniemi was in my opinion more versatile than the one […]

Camping on the island Kaunissaari, Helsinki (Sipoo)

Some may have noticed that I love the sea and the islands, I suppose growing up on or close to islands have something to do with it. Anyway, when we moved to Helsinki, we decided that every summer we’ll try to visit one island we haven’t been to before. Helsinki and the neighbouring city of […]

Free Summer Helsinki for Families

There is spring in the air, that means the summer will be here soon too (only another 3 months to go…). To add to my summer feeling, we have been planning our summer holidays (yay!!!). But I think even our hometown Helsinki has tons of fun and affordable things ohn the offer for families during […]

The Must See’s of Finland

I mentioned before that I was asked about the must see’s in Finland. There is loads to see and to do in Finland but to mention THE must see’s actually was not that easy for me. Maybe it is because we do not have an Eiffel tower nor a London Bridge or maybe it is […]


Free but fun activities that are not crafts, and not bound to a certain location (even though examples may from one), listing first suggestions for/with children, then following up with examples for all ages: Exploring Animals, Nature, Seasons with Children About animals and children. And how a cat made the day Autumn fun Biology for […]

Free in Helsinki

Separated outdoors – indoors, and events have their own page. View of Helsinki, Helsinki on an Evening Walk A Good Day in Helsinki Public Transport, Helsinki city bus numbers Free park lunch for kids, Free school lunch Free toilets or baby changing rooms Free Public Service Info, crisis phone numbers for children and youth in distress […]


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