About Me and This Blog

I am a mother of two toddlers living in Helsinki. I am interested in people, cultures, languages and well-being. One of my passions is to travel, and in the everyday life I enjoy creating stuff with my hands. I also seem to be very good at filling my calender.

A while ago I was told that a parent who does not live with their child and are short of money can have e.g. a Hoplop visit paid by the Social Services in Finland. Apparently the reason for this would be to help them bond. Now, I don’t know when and how often this happens, but it made me think. Would it not be better to assist these parents to think of a number of different things they could do where they would actually interact (Hoplop tends to be more “parent drinking coffee and child jumping on an indoor playground” kind of fun)? And would it not be worth helping them to a think of many free but fun things to do, so they can do something even when there is no sponsor around? Despite of these thoughts, let me make it clear that I have nothing against every child getting the opportunity to some time do some of the stuff that cost, and that I don’t really know if the reasoning I heard is even true.

But since these thoughts I’ve been more focused on what things there are that you can do without or with little money, and how much life really costs. I don’t think I have ever been a big spender but I also have never been one counting the coins when wanting to go for a coffee, to the theater or a festival or to participate in a fun run. But it should not all be about money!

So this blog will be my contribution to those moments when one is short of ideas on what to do, especially if there is not a lot of money involved. As I have toddlers, this will end up being pretty family-orientated but I hope it will not be only for parents. Also, this is my grammatical battle field: English is not my mother tongue but I want to improve my ability to express myself in written English. Feel free to correct me.

Comments and guest writers welcome! If you have good ideas on things that are
free but fun e.g. in your hometown, feel free to comment or to write a whole post as a guest writer. If you want to write a whole post, please send it to me to freebutfun@hotmail.co.nz first or send me a link to your blog with the post.


  1. Love this! Looking forward to reading more of your blog. 🙂

    1. Welcome! 🙂

  2. I love your reason on setting up this blog! It’s so true…bonding takes more than just being with the child physically. We have to be present fully for our kids.

    1. That is so true! I’ve always believed it but last spring I got to feel it even more with my son, who just started to fight every single thing in the morning. And it all got better when I started to give him 100% of my attention after work. (blogged about it more in detail here https://freebutfun.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/time-management-and-free-cuddles/)

  3. Hey there! Just stopped by your blog randomly and gave it a follow. Visit me if you’d like to return the favor at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com. Thanks!

  4. I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Hop over to my blog to find out more! http://www.sensitiveandextraordinary.com/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

    1. Wow, thank you, I feel honoured!

      1. Of course! I am enjoying your blog so much!

  5. Good for you. I remember trying to make ginger bread houses with my kids when they were small.. way way too hard for a three, five and twenty-eight year old! 🙂 Thanks for the follow.

  6. Hello! I found your blog a while a go. I love it. I am an American living in Serbia with my Serbian Hubby and out little Munchkin. This blog is full of such great ideas! Thanks for writing. I may borrow some ideas for my blog, but I promise to give you credit! Have a happy day!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! Feel free to try any ideas, they are there to be used, and improved 🙂 You are welcome to share yours too (and I am always happy to publish guest posts as well, as long as they somehow fit the theme “free but fun”)!
      Life in Serbia from an American point of view sounds like a blog I’d be interested in reading too, so I’ll have to wander over now!

  7. Just came across your blog via Lady of the Cakes! What a fab idea. 🙂 While not a parent, enjoy lots of free but fun activities in various locales. Gonna enjoy being inspired by yours!

    1. Cool, welcome! And welcome to share your tips and ideas too!

  8. trose1189 · · Reply

    Hi– just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. You can check it out here:


    Good luck on continuing to grow and write with your blog! Happy travels 🙂

    1. Oh wow, thank you!

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  12. First Finnish blog I’ve come across.. looking forward to reading more of your wonderful posts! Thanks also for reading and liking my guest-blog post on Steve’s – called We Are Not Alone. Happy travels!

    1. Thanks for popping by, Amit! A nice name 🙂

  13. HI!! Today, I have nominated you for the Liebster award. Should you choose to accept the award, click on the link below and view the post.
    Thank you for your awesome stories! 🙂

    1. Awesome, thank you!

      1. You’re welcome! Most deserved 😉

  14. Thanks for following my blog – SingleWomanTravels.wordpress.com! I love finding free things to do while traveling and at home – I look forward to finding more free activities from your blog! Have a great year ahead! =)

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  16. I like your blog, thanks for stopping by mine, Bloggy Mountain Breakdown. Fondly, c molder

    1. Thank you, and you had some pretty interesting posts!

  17. What a fabulous idea. I think I need to spend some time poking around your blog for idead!

    1. Glad you like it! I am happy to link/ publish posts by others as well, if they have good ideas that fit to the theme.

  18. Funny I should stumble across your blog today. Today I spent an hour babysitting my 21 month old nephew. It was so much fun! We spent the whole time kicking a soccer ball around at the park. It was lovely seeing his pure delight at the simplest of activities, don’t they just love to run around. 😀

    1. That sounds like fun, Alana!

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  20. A little surprise for you… Please read Liebster Award | havefunwithkids.

      1. No worries….

  21. Thanks so much for following my blog, Oh, the Places We See, because now I’m acquainted with your blog! All your ideas for little ones fit for me: I’ve got a granddaughter, and we’re always looking for new things to do! Appreciate you! http://ohtheplaceswesee.com

  22. That is a great outlook on life…! Crieky, Helsinki hey? And you visited the Australian Outback, good onya! Baz, The Landy

    1. Thanks Baz. And yep, Helsinki nowadays but the outback will call us in the future again 🙂

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog (and for your follow and pleasant comment)! I really like what you have going on in your blog and I look forward to exploring more!

  24. I remember the days I got to spend with my son when he was younger, the thing he enjoyed most about our time was exploring, didn’t matter if it was outdoors or indoors. He knew his dad was the same way and loved spending the time pouring over maps or walking along the side of a stream, reading Gulliver’s Travels together, it didn’t matter. We just loved spending the time together. Oh, I miss him, and the time we spent together.

    1. Good to hear somebody is thinking in a similar way, thanks for sharing your memories! I want to look back at these years the way you do.

  25. ladyjosie · · Reply

    Thanks for the kind words 🙂 following back! Such wonderful information you have here.

  26. Good concept for a blog. As budget travelers, we’re always looking for ways to stretch our dollars (so we can travel longer). This reminds me of what comedian Mike Meyers called “No Money Fun.” He tells the story of when he was a kid, his Dad would take them to the local airport to watch the planes land. Sounds Free but Fun to me. ~James

    1. Thank you, James!
      I guess we’ve are a bit like you, rather more and longer than all the bling. There can be so many good moments without money involved, like watching airplane land with your Dad. Precious, thanks for sharing.

  27. I think your English is exceptional!
    I found your blog because I liked your comment on KidsRSimple.
    My son is only 7 months old but I find everything about raising children fascinating. I am a first-time mom and I am so glad my husband and I have a family now. 🙂
    I would love to read some of your posts so I better get to it…

    1. Thank you, Kukolina! And congrats on having a son and being a Mom! I’ll have to take a look at your blog too 🙂

  28. This is an excellent concept! Good thinking.

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