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Recently I blogged about our approach on kids online: we have lived up to our decision to be more proactive about using internet together. This has resulted in my 6 yo daughter wanting to read about e.g. (basic) programming instead of an evening story (!?!). After reading about ones and zeros, electromagnetic waves, light waves, […]

Learning Fire Safety with Kids

One day I was observing the teaching (part of my studies) in a special ed preparatory course for adults. They learned about fire safety and were prepared for an evacuation rehearsal. It hit me that I should go through this with my kids too! I used the material from the class to recognised symbols and […]

Date on Skis

I always treasure the time me and my husband have for just the two of us. We still stick to our sofa dates to meet each other. Lately, with bigger kids, we’ve been able to get away a bit more, like long weekends in Istanbul, Barcelona and Helsinki too but often end up with the typical dinner and drink dates. On […]

Sausages on Fire

Always great on a sunny winter day

Track and Field Hullabaloo – Liikuntahulinat

Originally posted on Free But Fun!:
Liikuntamylly, the city sports centre in Myllypuro, right next to the metro stop, puts every Sunday 9-10.30 am on “liikuntahulinat” to families. It is mainly aimed for kids aged 2-8 with parents (no dropping off children, kids are the responsibility of parents and the staff is scarce). There is…

Kids Online

I know there are tons of posts of this theme but as my kids grow older, it has become more of a theme for us too: my first-born will turn 7 and start school in August. She will have more freedom, more unsupervised time and her own mobile then. She has learnt to read and […]

Dad vs Mum: Hobbies with Children 

– is there difference between what you do and your spouse does with your children? Or how your parents spent time with you? This is what the divide looks like in our family: Hubby and kids: building stuff, Lego, science projects, figuring out how things work . And I am more than happy to let […]

In Search for Better Learning

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