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7 Years Mature

My eldest turned 7. It means a lot here: my child will go to school in August. Now she has her own key, mobile and travel card (for the public transport). Signs of a more independent child. Lucky she is also keen on training a few things together, like opening a tricky door, how to […]

Flowers Can Make a Difference

Sometimes picking flowers is a good way to change the mood of a grumpy kid around. Happy Mother’s Day!


We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Finland. But seeing Meg’s awesome post about thankfulness and a discussion I had at work about what we can consider success made me think we should. Maybe not celebrate but be more aware of things to appreciate. Not take things granted, at least not things like mental health. I work […]

Affordable Moving in Helsinki

So we moved, phew. Yes, I know, neither free nor fun but… a few options to make it more affordable and sustainable: We’ve long ago found that stackable moving boxes are quick and practical and I suppose pretty sustainable as well in the way that they are used many times and not purchased for the […]

Quality Furniture for a Good Price

When about to buy furniture but not wanting to spend a lot I bet most people think of IKEA. There is also the option of buying second hand, of course. But do you know about the affordable and sustainable quality option of Pakilan työkeskus (“work centre”)? Or Sovinto ry (? Pakilan työkeskus is owned by […]

Spread the Joy

Christmas to me is about the smells of gingerbread and mulled wine, good food, joy, kids excitement and being together. It is also about gifts, about receiving and giving. It is a good time to remember that not everyone is fortunate and if we have the resources, time or money, we can create a bit […]

On Call for Children and Youth

Odin, 13, committed suicide in Oslo because nobody stopped him from being bullied. His mum tried everything but it wasn’t enough. Now Odin’s mum is calling everyone to be responsible, she asks you not to be a quiet by-stander but to act. She asks if you have talked to your children about what bullying is, […]


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