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DIY Colourful Ice Lanterns

Colour water with water cokours in different jars (avoid glass…) or cartons, let it freeze, build your own design of a lantern (most would layer them like bricks. We are more creative) and get a proper outdoor candle for it.

Simple Crafts: Felting Brooches

My kids really loved making Christmas presents to their carers this year: we only needed wool, a felting needle and something to use the needle on. And the brooch needle in the back, which I sew on afterwards. We used biscuit cutters to make an initial shape, kids chose the wool they wanted and started sticking away […]

DIY Shell Angels on Christmas Path 

This year we went to the Vuosaaren Christmas Path, and saw a really cool simple crafts idea, which we’ll copy: the head is made of cotton, the wings some paper and the body of the shell. I’ve blogged about the Christmas Paths before. This time we had a lovely sunny weather and spent 3,5 hours […]

Preparing for Halloween 

By hubby and kids:

Card Work Shop

When at home sick, there is time for creativity: My mum brought a while ago white cards to us, which were a great simple inspiration for us to paint loads of cards. Now we are prepared for all the birthdays coming up.

Basic but Fun Crafts Stuff

Usually in the summer our “crafts” tends to be more like building sand castles outdoors. But after almost 4 months outdoors my son refound some old pages with ready made models for an airplane and a tractor. I’ve pulled them out from some old magazine, but he immediately wanted to do them.  It was fun […]

DIY Wind Chime

 A daughter with a crafts wish and loads of unused shells ended up as this wind chime. We took some of my rest yarn and found the stick in the garden. We tied the shells so no glue was needed. Free, simple and fun turned into something pretty.

Cardboard Cottage

For the first of May celebrations my husband cut and taped a little cottage for the kids to play in while adults where tending the barbecue. It is big enough for our kids to walk through the door. Taking water colours and brushes out where a huge hit too, and kept the kids busy. We […]

Next Step of Sewing: Cross Stitches

My daughter has gotten really good at sewing paper pictures but wasn’t interested in more “real sewing” after the initial bear. I thought she did really well sewing it but she didn’t want to do anything similar so maybe it was a bit too advanced? Instead we went to a yarn shop to look at […]

Painting Glass Jars

It’s almost the time of the year again when we with gifts thank the adults that have been wonderful to our children. We have carers, an iceskating teacher and gymnastics instructors to remember. I like to give something personalised, something that is actually from the kids too but prefer something the teachers can use. What […]


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