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Puppet Theatre at Winter Gardens

Helsinki Winter Gardens are always lovely, but especially at Easter: kids love looking for all the Easter chicken, eggs and witches that have been hidden among the plants. The Puppet Theatre that was on during Easter holidays didn’t disappoint this time either: the story was about Pessi and Illuusia, the troll that met a fairy […]

Circus with Tuktuk Travellers

Easter in Helsinki, there are plenty of options on what to do: with children it would be wonderful to see lambs in Haltiala for free, there is a new puppet theatre play by Sytkyt at the Winter Gardens, also for free and of course one could pay for the Korkeasaari Zoo. But one can expect […]

The Most Beautiful Christmas Carols

We went today to sing the most beautiful Christmas carols in the beautiful old church in Oulunkylä, as did many others. Our kids love it! Since we are normally no church goers, this is also an opportunity to show them a bit of history as well. After all, the Protestant church has been the basis […]

Christmas Lights and Parade

We’ve officially kicked off the Christmas season: the decorations are up, cd’s, dvd’s and books are out again to be enjoyed for 3 weeks. Opposed to what I thought, we weren’t even super early: today was the day the Christmas lights were lit on Aleksi, the main shopping street in Helsinki and the event that […]

Poetry for Children at Annantalo Culture House

I’m not usually huge on poems, too many that I do not understand, but Runokuu, “Poetry Moon”, hosted a fun event for children at Annatalo (and Runokuu offer programme for all ages for a week all over Helsinki). To be honest, Annatalo often hosts good cultural and art events for children that we visit far […]

Lilla Luckan at the Night of the Arts

Thursday was the Night of the Arts, and therefore loads of art related opportunities and eg good sales in book shops all around the city. Even though it was also a week night we decided to continue from the Night Market to the city centre to get a glimpse of everything going on. Talking about […]

Helsinki Night Market at Teurastamo 2015

My family met me yesterday at 4pm at my work and from there we went to visit the Helsinki Night Market in Teurastamo (“the abattoir”, used to be one but hosts now events) in Kalasatama. It wasn’t exactly night yet but a great place to chill in the sun while choosing several, small but tasty, food options to […]

Free Gymnastics Shows at Gymnaestrada

The huge gymnastics event Gymnaestrada was held last week in Helsinki. The good thing with these events is that mostly they provide something for everyone, even those who don’t pay for the main shows. Gymnaestrada offered a lot: they gave free gymnastics shows in at least three places in Helsinki for several hours, they gave […]

Free Puppet Theatre

Originally posted on Free But Fun:
We went to see the free puppet theatre in the Winter Gardens yesterday. The story was Sleeping Beauty, kids loved the rose princess, my husband thought I was a bit meh, and I found it entertaining to look at the different solutions for the requisites for the play. After…

Forest and Midsummer

It has been far too much lately to plan anything special to do for midsummer, but one sure way to enjoy it, is to be surrounded by nature. A summerhouse with happily babysitting grandparents makes the choice easy. Normally I love the beach and the sea by the summerhouse but this time we’ve spent more […]


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