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Free but fun more present in Instagram

Seems to me I don’t have so much time for writing anymore, so it seems maybe Instagram is better suited for sharing quick tips. Like us kicking off our ice-skating season today while the Autumn rain is pouring down. No long sentences needed, just a picture and a few words. You’ll find me @vilmafbf.

My Weeks as a Single Mum

A couple of years ago a bunch of Singaporean mothers did a blog train on the after hours of a full time working mum. I thought it was most insightful to read how others made the years work that in Finnish are called ruuhkavuodet, “the rush hour years”.  Even though I find our weeks busy, […]

To Us

At the start of a new year people are often reviewing the previous year and making new resolutions for the next year. This blog is mostly not that deep, and is more of an outlet for little superficial ideas that makes our life fun. But I read less superficial blogs too, and I loved the […]

Crafts in Order and Page for travel in Finland

I’ve been making some changes: The crafts page has been reorganised, everything is in alphabetical order under a few main subjects such as the main material used, painting/printing etc. I am not too sure if that helps making it easier to find ideas, this wordpress theme doesn’t seem to give too many options for modifications […]

Blog Hop – Writing Processes

Christy at invited me to join this blog hop about writing processes. She is a fulltime working mother residing in Singapore, and I enjoy her posts as she introduces many options for families in Singapore, has pretty organised ways to deal with the everyday life (and good tips) and also deals with raising multilingual […]

Time Management and Free Cuddles

I went back to work in September after 3 years at home. I love working! But the combination of working and small children is not always easy: this spring has been tough due to many colds and ear infections (and sleep deprivation) but even more so due to my 2,5 year old son not wanting […]

The Mummy Tag

Mum of the Blackberry boys tagged me with the following questions, which seemed to be directed to mums who have one baby, so Kukolina, Momtimes4, Mama Mandola, Mamaseinfraubleiben,Momscam, Raising Dragon Boy, 365 days – A diary fo a newly single mum may want to participate? And anyone else who reads this post and has a baby/ toddler, consider yourself tagged 1. Are […]

New Page

When I set this blog up, I decided to focus on four free but fun themes that are a natural part of my life.While blogging about these, I noticed one more theme arising somewhere in the area of finances and life style choices, so I’ve created a new page to give an overview on these […]

Best of This Blog This Year

Gallivance set a trend by listing the top 10 post based on stats and comments. I love their style and their travel blog, but as I am pretty new to the blogging world their top 10 included interesting posts I had missed. So I thought it was cool to see other blogging friends to do […]

Awards By Creative Dames

Blogging has lead me to “meet” some awesome people around the world. Some of these have nominated me for awards, and even though I am slow to accept them, I am taken by the nominations! You can read here why I initially started this blog, but since I’ve gotten “sucked into” the blogging world;  I’ve […]


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