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Date on Skis

I always treasure the time me and my husband have for just the two of us. We still stick to our sofa dates to meet each other. Lately, with bigger kids, we’ve been able to get away a bit more, like long weekends in Istanbul, Barcelona and Helsinki too but often end up with the typical dinner and drink dates. On […]

Sausages on Fire

Always great on a sunny winter day

Track and Field Hullabaloo – Liikuntahulinat

Originally posted on Free But Fun:
Liikuntamylly, the city sports centre in Myllypuro, right next to the metro stop, puts every Sunday 9-10.30 am on “liikuntahulinat” to families. It is mainly aimed for kids aged 2-8 with parents (no dropping off children, kids are the responsibility of parents and the staff is scarce). There is…

Cross Country Skis 

A no brainer for to do in winter but still such a great way to be out and about: The key, however, is to be prepared for it, when the snow comes as it also goes here in the south of Finland very fast. As we bought cross country skis at Sporttidivari last year, we […]

Lux Helsinki 

Still two more days to go (5-9th January 5-10pm. The walk stets from the market place), it’s totally worth going to:

DIY Colourful Ice Lanterns

Colour water with water cokours in different jars (avoid glass…) or cartons, let it freeze, build your own design of a lantern (most would layer them like bricks. We are more creative) and get a proper outdoor candle for it.

Free Labour

Getting the snow cleared and the “workmen” having loads of fun doing it. I quite like clearing the snow too, good excersize in fresh air. As long as it is not 5 am and a hurry to dig out the car to get to work on time.

Blowing Ice Bubbles

When the winter comes with 20cms of snow and -20 degrees (Celsius) pretty much in one day, it’s time to go out and blow soapbubbles that turn into ice.

Winter Holidays at Home

We decided to stay this holiday week home to enjoy Helsinki, outdoors, family and not too much programme. Unfortunately there is no snow but there are other options: Iceskating; always fun and a great way to catch up with friends. There are free time spots in the ice halls (Google Helsinki jäähallit yleisöluistelu) and it […]

Christmas 2016

I’ve posted pictures of the Helsinki Stockmann Christmas Window display every December since I started the blog. This year will be no different: here’s the winter wonderland they created this year. Also Christmas lights on Aleksanterinkatu and the main church while going to see Lucia. Everyone, have a merry Christmas!


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