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Simple Christmas Tree Crafts

Our Christmas tree forest before I clean all of Christmas away: The first to from the left hand side in the front row kids have made at daycare, simple and cute, the one furthest to right my daughter folded with her aunt (complicated, instructions were googled), the one back and to the left is the […]

Merry Christmas!

Making Christmas cards may be my favourite Christmas preparation, it just such wonderful way to get into the right mood! But doing crafts with toddlers means having a simple idea (or loosing your nerves), or several simple ideas. As our cards should already have arrived, here a few of the ideas we did this year, […]

Christmas in Flower Pots

My mum pimped my winter flower pots to share the Christmas spirit too: she just added cute red hats on top of some spruce cones. Simple but effective, especially with the thin snow layer!


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