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Pretty Boxes

We decorated a few boxes that kids turned into beds for their toys. I bought the stickers from Lidle for a few euroes a while back. Simple and fun.

Easy Leaf Printing

The autumn is here and the leaves are turning bright and colourful. I wonder if there is any other language in the world that has a word for the beautiful transformation of the leaves that in Finnish is called ‘ruska’? Anyway, last days to do some prints with green leaves, using the green colour of […]

Prints with Green Leaves

Once again Skapligt enkelt had a great idea for crafts, which we had to try while there are still green leaves around. First we went for a leaf picking walk with kids and buckets. This was already quite fun, but as it is natural to talk about the plants too, one could even find an […]

Colours and Shapes – Crafts for Toddlers

Easy but fun way of making cards and art for the walls already at a young age: precut paper in various shapes and colours, take out a glue stick, and off you go. My boy was about 1 year and 3-4 months when we did something like this the first time. He quite enjoyed just […]

Crafts with Ice Cream Sticks for kids

It is tricky to do crafts with kids under the age of, say, 2 years. They want it and like it but they do not have that many skills yet, and their attention span means that whatever you do has to be done within 15-20 minutes. Ice cream sticks give plenty of opportunities for small […]


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