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Updated: Crafts for Small Children on an Airplane or in a Hotel

I made a list on simple crafts to do on trips on a flight or in the hotel room about a year ago, but we have tried other things out since that may work for others too. The key is to take light, cheap and simple materials along that does not require much room either. […]

Printing Shopping Bags with Apples

A quick but fun little art work: As I can’t be bothered to sew, I bought some plain canvas shopping bags. They are only a euro or so each. The canvas printing paints are a bit more pricy, however, they’ll last for quite a few small projects (4 jars about 20 euros). On top of […]

Easter Bunnies from old Baby Socks

When decorating for the Easter, I found these Easter bunnies that we made last year out of left over baby socks with my daughter. I modified the idea from the pigs and cats we’d made earlier, and stuck a skewer in them to make them stand in the grass.

Easter Bunnies out of Paper Cups

Originally posted on Free But Fun:
My daughter wanted to make bunnies, so I checked what we have, and ended up making these: The ears are made of the handle, I cut it to shape and the kids glued the pink part in them. They also glued the cotton tail, the eyes and the whiskers…

Toilet Paper Roll Eggcups

Die Eltern gave me once again a great idea for crafts: Making eggcups for the Easter! Something useful for the Easter table, doesn’t everyone eat eggs for Easter? First we covered the roll by gluing either decorated or coloured paper on. My daughter even used some of the reflective fabric that was left over after […]

Pine Needle Hedgehog

I took home some crafts kids made in the daycare, and think this simple idea was genius for toddlers:

Anatomy of Time

…looks like this at home: Big sis has been very interested in time (again) lately, and reading a book with times hasn’t really helped her grasp different times. However, when making these clocks, she was happy to try out what the clock looks like when we leave for daycare, when we pick them up, when […]

Crafts with Toilet Paper Rolls

Last week we finally got around to make some crafts of the toilet paper and paper towel rolls we’ve saved. We searched the internet for inspiration. It was not too big a surprise when my 3 yo daughter, the birdwatcher, wanted to make binoculars and a castle for Cinderella, and when my 2 yo son was […]

Building with Corn

Not playing with food but using processed colourful fluffy potato, hold on, no, corn! (I’m sure I was told they are made of potato but when reading more about these online turns out the bits are made of corn. Biodegradable anyway). It was not quite free, not even cheap but also not expensive. We tried […]

Seashell Frames

My mother-in-law gave me a wonderful book for Christmas: rainy day book of things to make and do (you can find it at http://www.rylandpeters.com). I started to flip through it, and my kids wanted to do some arty seashell decorated frames from it. I find them lovely, simple to do even with toddlers, and as […]


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