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Crafting Cards with Pressed Leaves

An old but fun crafts for children: gluing dried and pressed leaves to make cards. Simple and pretty, and a good repetition to what leaves and trees there are.   More fun with leaves Before we dried and pressed the leaves, we coloured their pattern Print with fresh green leaves Fox with Autumn leaves Looking forward to […]

Coloured Leaves

So simple but fun, quality time with 4 yo: 1. A little walk in the forest collecting fresh leaves 2. At home put the leaves under a paper 3. Colour with crayons over the leaves. I think these could make pretty cool cards too when cut and glued on a nice background. We ended up […]

Prints with Green Leaves

Once again Skapligt enkelt had a great idea for crafts, which we had to try while there are still green leaves around. First we went for a leaf picking walk with kids and buckets. This was already quite fun, but as it is natural to talk about the plants too, one could even find an […]


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