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Toddler DIY Christmas Tree

Crafts do not get easier than this, good for any toddler or, as proven, a sick, bored but lacking energy 3 yo, that likes stickers:

Toilet Paper Roll Eggcups

Die Eltern gave me once again a great idea for crafts: Making eggcups for the Easter! Something useful for the Easter table, doesn’t everyone eat eggs for Easter? First we covered the roll by gluing either decorated or coloured paper on. My daughter even used some of the reflective fabric that was left over after […]

Paper Plates Crafts

Originally posted on Free But Fun:
Paper plates are genius when you want to do some crafts with kids. There is no limit to what you can make out of them, you pretty much always have some at home, and they are cheap. Underneath a little display on what we have made just using disposable…


Crochet, Cats, and Crafts...oh and Food too!

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