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Challenge: food and outfit

Kukolina asked me if I wanted to join her challenge this weekend, and I thought it could be fun to combine kids food and an outfit with free but fun. I am a bit early, but now I have it, so here we go: Our kids loved picking the apples off our neighbors tree. You […]

My Favourite Free Hobbies for Toddlers

My time as stay at home mum has come to an end, so here are the “organised free but fun hobbies” that we have enjoyed most with my kids in the last few years: We used to go to Klapp och Klang, a group where you sing and play to songs with your toddler(s) (there […]

Crochet Play Food

Heaps of left over yarns that won’t make even a sock, a bit of time on your hands, and some toddlers who like to “cook”? I found that turning old yarns into crochet play food is very convenient: you can throw them in the washing machine when they have been chewed by snotty kids, they […]


Crochet, Cats, and Crafts...oh and Food too!

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