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Board walks in Torronsuo

We had a lovely day out yesterday: we drove about 1,5 hrs north west from Helsinki to Torronsuo, a swamp a little south of Forssa. There they have built lovely board walks around and across the swamp, which are fun to walk on even for kids. There is also 200 metres of board walk to […]


I believe this is only the second year in Finland, when it is mandatory to attend preschool the year a child turns 6. Preschool here equals 20 hours a week of early childhood education here, and is supposed to prepare the children for “the real school” the next year when they turn 7. This means, […]

Free Super Food

Lately we’ve been busy taking what the nature provides us: black, white and red currants are ripe in the garden, blueberries and raspberries in the forrest.  Forrest strawberries are almost gone now but maybe we’ll make it to a strawberry farm still this weekend. There we could pick our own berries to cheap or for […]

Elonkierto, Jokioinen

Elonkierto (“the circle of life”) in Jokioinen, close to Forssa, Finland, is a lovely place for a little stop. There is no entrance fee but pretty Finnish scenery, farm animals, and plants. For the ones with more patience than our kids it might be interesting to read the signs and to learn what happens in […]

Mother’s Day Flower Picking

Awww, the simple joys! Ever since I was small we’ve picked these white flowers to Mum on Mother’s Day. When I told my husband about it, he’s seen to it that I get some too. This year he’s at work but I suggested we’d go and pick some with the kids. They were very excited!  […]

The Forgotten Forest

A forest is a no brainer  as a free but fun thing but nevertheless it is an enjoyable free feature worth mentioning here, since sometimes it seems it is forgotten about when living in a city. Almost forgotten about even though its rehabilitating effects on e.g. stressed people are scientifically proven, kids love it, not […]

Spring Spotting 2

We enjoyed more spring yesterday on an evening walk. It’s so lovely to have long light evenings and colourful flowers growing again! And today it’s been so warm that we’ve been outside in t-shirts! Here we only enjoy the awakening nature close to our home but if you enjoy nature, you may be interested in […]

Public Service Info

Did you know there is a phone number you can call to find out which public service you can turn to in Finland? And yes, the service is free, you only pay your operator’s local network, mobile call, or text message fee. The number is 0295 000. The service is not available on Sundays or public holidays. […]

Fiskars and Billnäs – from 17th century Ironworks to Modern Crafts and Design

I just realised that we’ve forgotten to do our annual trip to Fiskars this summer! An ironworks with the surrounded village was founded in Fiskars and another one nearby in Billnäs in the mid 17th century . Fiskars still manufactures (at least) steel items, most known for their scissors, but operates now from the former Billnäs ironworks. […]

My kind of museum: Rock Paintings from 3000 B.C.

The Astuvansalmi rock paintings are a 3km walk away from a parking area in Ristiina, Finland. It is only a tiny path that leads to them (no wheel chair access), and the place itself is not that special but these rock paintings are the largest ones found in Scandinavia. The paintings are on the rock […]


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