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The Must See’s of Finland

I mentioned before that I was asked about the must see’s in Finland. There is loads to see and to do in Finland but to mention THE must see’s actually was not that easy for me. Maybe it is because we do not have an Eiffel tower nor a London Bridge or maybe it is […]

Arctic Circle and Santa Claus Village

This post is to B of Journeys of the Fabulist and her son: Here it is, Santa’s Office and the Arctic Circle drawn on the ground. There is a fair bit to see for free: if you walk the ground, you’ll see Santa’s little helpers at work, the post office with all the wish lists […]

Reindeer Spotting in Lapland

Another free but fun activity, as long as you first get to the “far-from-everything” Lapland. Rudolp will be there, and where there is one reindeer, there will be more. Much easier than elk spotting. Cute animals! For more pictures about reindeer and beautiful Lapland I recommend you to take a look at this blog.

The Reputable Finnish Cardboard Box

A while ago BBC published a story on the Finnish maternity box that all expecting mothers get for free in Finland. The box is full of cloths and other useful baby stuff, and is, in my opinion, a great way of promoting health and equality. You can read more about the BBC story here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22751415 However, […]


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