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Iceskating Classes

Did you know most ice skating schools let you try one or two lessons for free? We tried a family lesson and had loads of fun! Obviously it is mainly aiming to teach kids ice skate but my husband thought he might get a few good pointers too (but honestly, for somebody who stood on […]

Free Ice Skating in Indoor Rinks

The most fun we’ve lately had has been outdoors: we’ve been ice skating. There is quite an amazing difference to last year, when we would go ice skating to places where we could take toboggans for kids, or there was a playground next to, to get more than 5 minutes on skates. This year my […]

Beginning of Our Ice Skating Season

The start of our ice skating season was long overdue, but now even our 2yo was on the skates! We went to one of the free suburban iced fields because it’s ok to take toboggans on the ice and to walk with shoes on the ice there (both not allowed in the rinks were the […]

Ice Skating in Helsinki

The ice skating season is about to start: the Ice Park next to the main railway station will open on November 23rd (if weather permits, plus degrees are ok but if it rains heaps, they may postpone the date). The Ice Park is not free but the entrance fee allows you to participate in ice […]

Some of the Best Free Things in Helsinki

My husband once said that he does not mind paying taxes in Finland, because here he can see where the money goes. Here are a few of the things Helsinki uses tax money on: 1. The City of Helsinki offers free meals for all children under 16 years in a number of playgrounds during the […]


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