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DIY Wind Chime

 A daughter with a crafts wish and loads of unused shells ended up as this wind chime. We took some of my rest yarn and found the stick in the garden. We tied the shells so no glue was needed. Free, simple and fun turned into something pretty.

Play Doh Hedgehogs

Back to the most simple crafts: We were tired but it wasn’t quite bedtime yet. We had some old, almost too dry, play doh and we had tooth picks. That was enough for making a little family, and a perfect little thing to do together. While sticking the tooth picks in, I heard all about […]

For the Garden Table

Our kids painted these as a part of a present, which we’ll take to a barbecue night now when the spring sun is here again: The kids found it exciting to paint over the form and see what shape emerges. Superb for a week night when everyone is too tired for anything more complicating. Of […]

Egg Carton Easter Chicks

My mum and daughter have started the Easter crafts season with these cute chicks: For more of my simple Easter crafts check these out

Handprints on Briefs

I wish you all a Merry Christmas with the present we made for Dad: he has been mostly away this December, so we made him presents that will enable him to keep us close (haha). Using handprints are easy and fun, we’ve done quite a few with them in the past. This time my daughter […]

Crafting Cards with Pressed Leaves

An old but fun crafts for children: gluing dried and pressed leaves to make cards. Simple and pretty, and a good repetition to what leaves and trees there are.   More fun with leaves Before we dried and pressed the leaves, we coloured their pattern Print with fresh green leaves Fox with Autumn leaves Looking forward to […]


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