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Printing with a Bottle

We tried printing flowers on tea towels with 0,5l bottles because I saw an article I can’t find any more circulate on Facebook with a number of cool things to do with a bottle. The idea seemed so simple: you make the petals with the bottom of the bottle and print the centre with the […]

Simple Crafts: Sunnies

Big sister made simple sunnies at daycare, which made little brother so jealous that we had to make him ones after our forest tour at home. We only happened to have yellow “lenses” at home, that is coloured plastic pockets but he did get to choose the colour for the frame. Very simple to make but they […]

Building with Corn

Not playing with food but using processed colourful fluffy potato, hold on, no, corn! (I’m sure I was told they are made of potato but when reading more about these online turns out the bits are made of corn. Biodegradable anyway). It was not quite free, not even cheap but also not expensive. We tried […]

Seashell Frames

My mother-in-law gave me a wonderful book for Christmas: rainy day book of things to make and do (you can find it at http://www.rylandpeters.com). I started to flip through it, and my kids wanted to do some arty seashell decorated frames from it. I find them lovely, simple to do even with toddlers, and as […]

Paper Plates Crafts

Paper plates are genius when you want to do some crafts with kids. There is no limit to what you can make out of them, you pretty much always have some at home, and they are cheap. Underneath a little display on what we have made just using disposable plates, thick colored paper, glue, finger […]

Sponge Boats

Simple and next to free bath toys to make e.g. in a hotel room: All you need is sponges, straws, scissors and glue. Cut the boats and the sails into shapes, glue together, stick the mast through and set the sail. Done. On the picture you can see what me and my kids did, I […]


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