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Sewing for Kids

In the summer kids, we typically do less crafts. But when we did some, my son likes cross stiches and my daughter prefers to crochet or various ways of making bracelets. However, in when I pulled this sewing kit out that we habe gotten as a gift, they both loved it: These were small and simple […]

Step 4 of Sewing for Kids

Our kids started with sewing paper pictures, then my daughter wanted to sew a little bear using stitches she had learnt at daycare, and then we started to make a pillow with cross stitches. The bear and the pillow for cross stitching were unnecessary big as projects, I’ve been helping a bit and the pillow […]

Next Step of Sewing: Cross Stitches

My daughter has gotten really good at sewing paper pictures but wasn’t interested in more “real sewing” after the initial bear. I thought she did really well sewing it but she didn’t want to do anything similar so maybe it was a bit too advanced? Instead we went to a yarn shop to look at […]

Sewing for Small Children

Sewing these type of paper characters from dot to dot is what my kids started their sewing career with: At 5 my daughter thought the paper sewing was easy and wanted to do more. She flipped through one of my crafts books and wanted to do a teddy. I figured she’d be able to sew […]


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