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Recycling a Shower Curtain

I hope the old canvas shower curtain will make a strong shopping bag: At least it was easy to sew (even for somebody who is not too fussed about sewing). To make a shopping bag that packs nicely, I used the idea of packing it as a strawberry that I saw in NZ two years ago. […]

Upcycling Baby Food Jars

It is getting dark, so making something for candles was the obvious choice when the need to re-purpose old baby food jars arose. This despite having just made some but I just love candles in the Autumn darkness: These are really easy to make: take finger paints and use your imagination. One picture with light so […]

Upcycling Tea Towels

Do other people have an overload of tea towels in their cupboards? Until I read an article about upcycling them in Hemmets, most of them were unused. But my imagination started to work when I realized how easy it is to do something nice and fun with them, as they often have the same pattern […]


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