A couple of years ago a bunch of Singaporean mothers did a blog train on the after hours of a full time working mum. I thought it was most insightful to read how others made the years work that in Finnish are called ruuhkavuodet, “the rush hour years”.  Even though I find our weeks busy, […]


By hubby and kids:


I feel a bit embarrassed that I haven’t found the time to teach my kids the habit of going regularly to the library. After all, libraries are awesome! But at least I stick to reading, every night. I’ve never been the one to save when it comes to books but buy them happily, ask for […]


When at home sick, there is time for creativity: My mum brought a while ago white cards to us, which were a great simple inspiration for us to paint loads of cards. Now we are prepared for all the birthdays coming up.


Week 36 was the Helsinki Design Week that finished with the Children’s Weekend at the Abattoir (Kattilahalli). As both our children are like shapes, creativity and building things, we decided to pop in. There was loads for the children to do, they planted some herbs, made lovely little bags and tried building with various blocks. The […]


My son got to try cajón drums on the annual children’s festival Skidit festarit when he wasn’t even quite 3. Ever since he’s been wanting to play more. Last spring I bought him and his friends a special drum lesson and he totally rocked it! And asked to play even more. Last summer in Sweden […]

It’s free and definitively fun. Welcome to Helsinki.

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This blog will chronicle my travels as a 2016-2017 Thomas J. Watson Fellow exploring cultural attitudes towards health technology around the world. Starting from and returning to New York City, USA, I'll be traveling to Sweden, Qatar, India, Japan, and Botswana over the course of one year.