Usually in the summer our “crafts” tends to be more like building sand castles outdoors. But after almost 4 months outdoors my son refound some old pages with ready made models for an airplane and a tractor. I’ve pulled them out from some old magazine, but he immediately wanted to do them.  It was fun […]


Yesterday we went to the Torikorttelit, were a fair in the beautiful inner yards seems to be an annual happening. Torikorttelit is the area between the main church and the fish markets with a lot of design shops, the kids museum and a couple of great cafes in Helsinki.  We only visited the kids part […]


You don’t have apple trees but you’d love some apples. And you can see there are plenty of excess apples rotting on the ground because the owners don’t have time or space for it all. The answer in Helsinki is Stadin omenapörssi on Facebook; you say in what area you are happy to pick, and […]

Yep, free flights and free hotels, might as well go… How? Well, Finnair did answer our reclamation on the horrific flights to New Zealand by giving us a voucher for flying (when there is reason to complaint, do it well!), and due to my husbands work, we get free nights at Scandic (worth checking out various […]


I believe this is only the second year in Finland, when it is mandatory to attend preschool the year a child turns 6. Preschool here equals 20 hours a week of early childhood education here, and is supposed to prepare the children for “the real school” the next year when they turn 7. This means, […]


 A daughter with a crafts wish and loads of unused shells ended up as this wind chime. We took some of my rest yarn and found the stick in the garden. We tied the shells so no glue was needed. Free, simple and fun turned into something pretty.


Our kids are 6 and almost 5, the stroller has not been used for a long time, but still the idea of walking isn’t always taken by storm by them. I actually think they walk good distances in the forest or to a playground/ to catch up with friends/to buy ice cream… that is, “bribed” […]

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