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Liikuntamylly, the city sports centre in Myllypuro, right next to the metro stop, puts every Sunday 9-10.30 am on “liikuntahulinat” to families. It is mainly aimed for kids aged 2-8 with parents (no dropping off children, kids are the responsibility of parents and the staff is scarce). There is…


I know there are tons of posts of this theme but as my kids grow older, it has become more of a theme for us too: my first-born will turn 7 and start school in August. She will have more freedom, more unsupervised time and her own mobile then. She has learnt to read and […]


Our kids started with sewing paper pictures, then my daughter wanted to sew a little bear using stitches she had learnt at daycare, and then we started to make a pillow with cross stitches. The bear and the pillow for cross stitching were unnecessary big as projects, I’ve been helping a bit and the pillow […]


One day I came home to a window shelf full of these cool monster that dad had made with the kids. Especially our 5yo son loved making these. Usually he likes crafts but our daughter is the one loving it, maybe the key is to have fathers come up with the ideas to get sons […]


– is there difference between what you do and your spouse does with your children? Or how your parents spent time with you? This is what the divide looks like in our family: Hubby and kids: building stuff, Lego, science projects, figuring out how things work . And I am more than happy to let […]

Finnish has a few great words and one of them is “kalsaripäivä”, the “underpants day”. We had a couple of those during the holidays after Christmas, we just charged the batteries, and loved it: kids got out of their pj’s at noon, we read, kids watched children’s programmes, played a few board games and played […]


A no brainer for to do in winter but still such a great way to be out and about: The key, however, is to be prepared for it, when the snow comes as it also goes here in the south of Finland very fast. As we bought cross country skis at Sporttidivari last year, we […]

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