When in Gdansk, we visited Westerplatte, the location of the first battle of the second world war. Isn’t it almost an obligation to show some respect when close? But it was also a lovely, sunny and crisp December day, so we were happy to get some fresh air. Our children surprised us with how much […]


Gdansk was a great destination for a weekend: A flight to Gdansk only takes two hours from Helsinki, and it has just enough to offer for a couple of winter days. And it’s beautiful! The first day we got to know the lovely old town and tried local food and treats. Highly recommended. The second […]


As it is getting dark around 4pm it is easy to entertain kids and adults these days: Go out to the city centre and see the beautiful Christmas lights! This time we enjoyed them in Tampere while catching up with cousins. We also enjoyed the city lights and the great view from the 25th floor […]


I wanted to enjoy the bright and crispy air, so I initiated hard core negotiations with the children and eventually I struck a deal with them: we’d walk home from daycare/ preschool (buuu) but the kids wouldn’t need to walk on the street (yay!). Also, I had to promise to drink a cup of coffee […]


I love Bremen, the city is was a nanny in 20 years ago. Finally I revisited it, and the pretty Hansa town is definitively worth a visit (even if you don’t have as lovely boys and friends there as I do). 1) Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten – The Bremen town musicians 2) Schnoor, the lovely old […]


When waiting is fun… 25 minutes and had to drag him away. What a joy to find a pile of snow to kick and crush.


A couple of years ago a bunch of Singaporean mothers did a blog train on the after hours of a full time working mum. I thought it was most insightful to read how others made the years work that in Finnish are called ruuhkavuodet, “the rush hour years”.  Even though I find our weeks busy, […]

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