In general:



Estonia: A Daytrip to Tallin and Stroll in the Beautiful Old Town

Finland has it’s own page



Ghana: Voluntary project: building a hospital in Kortwia near Kumasi

Greece: Voluntary project in Amaliada, Peloponnese.

Hungary: Misty in Budapest, a sculpture park presenting all the communist statues

Italy: Guest post from Verona

Japan: Guest post: Free children’s centre in Saitama

Latvia: A beautiful and snow covered Jurmala Beach Resort close to Riga

Luxembourg: Loads of beauty and history for free in Luxembourg

New Zealand has its own page here

Norway: Skibotn in the north

Poland: Krakow and Auschwitz

Portugal Guest post: A Surf Bums life in Van

Russia Cruise to St Petersburg with a Baby




Thailand: Families in Thailand

Turkey: Anniversary in Istanbul


USA: Guest post: 12 free and fun things to do on the Pike’s Place market in Seattle


  1. Please contact me at to use photos. Thanks, Rusha!

    1. I’m sorry, what??? I only use my own pictures on my blog!

      1. I apologize. I think I responded to the wrong blogger. Someone asked if they could use my pictures. Please disregard the message. Love your blog. And wish you much success.

        1. OK, cool, then your comment makes perfect sense!😊 without a context less so… I definitely don’t support using somebody’s pics (especially without permit and source) but your pictures are awesome, and I like seeing them in your blog.

          1. Thanks so much! And best wishes for a good winter with spring right behind!!!

  2. […] (print a few of such instructions), ice cream sticks, aluminium foil. Read here for more simple and creative crafts from freebutfun that are good for travelling. Puzzle set – small jigsaw puzzles, can be […]

  3. […] {For THEE most impressive and detailed advice for travelling with kids, there are two blogs I can’t recommend enough. Please see Tips for travelling with kids ( and Travel (} […]

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