A Good Day to Live had a great post about Poland and its lovely cities, thinking he may want to visit Krakow on a later date. And as I think Krakow definitively is worth a visit, I’ll tempt you with a few pictures from there! The last time I was in Krakow was in 2011, back then travelling with an 11-month old.

What I most remember was the change in the local people since 1998, the previous time I was in this beautiful and well maintained city. In 1998 we were travelling around in Poland with a polish friend, and I struggled to do anything without her help because people just would not communicate with me (I mean, not even in signs) and everything was only in polish (not my forte).

This time I found people helpful to the extreme: in restaurants they always came to make sure we would understand the menus if they did not have them in English (still pretty common), they often asked if we need anything for our baby girl, many bought us high chairs and they were happy to boil a few veggies (often even free of charge!) for her, which was super helpful living in a hotel without cooking facilities and having a very selective eater (later we found out she is allergic…) who has always refused the canned baby food. Also, if we were looking at the map on the street, often somebody would stop to ask if they could help. And did I mention that the city is beautiful?





Back in 1998 I also visited the famous salt mines, and I remember them being impressive and fun but not free. This time we felt we had to pay our respects to Auschwitz-Birkenau, which in no way fits the theme of this blog. However, we need to remember, so here are a few pics from there too. Adequate to the history of these places, it was pouring down when we where there. But I think it was also good to take the public transport outside of the city, and see the countryside too – I usually like to experience the contrast between big cities, countryside and small villages in new countries. I feel I get a better overall feel for the place. Outside of Krakow the yards and houses were mainly very well maintained, and everything looked picturesque and inviting to me.

IMG_0114IMG_0104IMG_0094IMG_0125 IMG_0096IMG_0121IMG_0105


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  3. Great pics again! I would have visited the “concentration camp” and pay respects too if I were there. It can imagine it’s a sombre feel walking through the place with flashbacks from Holocaust movies.

  4. Krakow is beautiful. I once went there for a conference. maybe 2004-2005. I don’t remember exactly. It was october. Then I once spent a week in Warsaw in 2006. We went to see the Marie Curie Museum. That was also interesting but not as pretty as Krakow. I had/have polish collaboraters and they are really plesant people, really friendly.

    1. I know quite a few Poles that are good fun too!

  5. Glad to hear you like what you see!

    The story continues by us taking the night train from Krakow to Prague, which I have been to a couple of times before this too but my husband and the friends we were travelling with hadn’t. I remembered Prague being THE place to visit in the former East Europe (topped by Budapest in my mind but probably not others?). And yes, it is beautiful, red roofs, the bridges, the castle up on the hill, hidden gatways and gardens… but all 4 of us will pick Krakow over Prague anytime (especially if travelling with babies, not a huge problem but also not a hit in Prague ;))!

  6. I may never see the shores of Australia again….you are supplying me with more places to visit- Thank you!!

  7. Those pictures of the railway tracks are stunning!

    It does look beautiful. We spent a couple of days there in 2004, but were just passing through. You sound like you’ve had not only a better look but also a revisit to help reflect on how things are developing there. Thanks for showing us these pics!

  8. Looks very insteresting, I sure plan to go there next time!

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