Free School Lunch

One of the things I like about this country is that not just schools are free but nutritional (but simple) lunches are offered to all school children for free too. This is to ensure they all get at least one warm and healthy meal a day, and they claim it has improved the learning too. Now England and Scotland are about to follow. Read more about this here.


  1. How wonderful! In America, there are certain low income children that qualify for free lunches at public schools, but most people either have to pack their own or buy lunch in the cafeteria.

    1. I think the whole thing started because pretty much everyone was low-income in Finland back then (Finland was one of the poorest countries in Europe) but I like how it is the same for everybody. We don’t grow up with school uniforms here either and may even find them “stiff” but like the lunch I think they are great for one thing: they make everyone equal, no division between kids due to what parents do. But it is great that the ones who otherwise maybe wouldn’t get any food get meals in America too!

  2. We have something similar in India also…but in the land of a billion plus, most of the food is siphoned off by the officials! 😦

    1. that is upsetting!
      I read about some free lunch trial in India (can’t remember were it was), where families with less means were encouraged to send their children to school with the one free meal. Apparently it worked well until there was some huge food poisoning (could have been just a human mistake or misfortune?) but people got very suspicious. Sad when good potential doesn’t work out!

      1. Its absolutely par for the course here…sad but we are used to it!

        1. At least you have a good attitude!

  3. That is brilliant, it should be standard world wide if you ask me

    1. Totally agree!

    2. Maybe the idea will expand now? UK areas are typically quite a lot better at spreading things than us in the north 🙂

  4. I can’t imagine that – but how very wonderful!!!

    1. Nice to have one less lunch to prepare for!

  5. That blows my mind – You’d never see free lunch in the US, and if you did get free lunch, you were ostracized because it meant your family was too poor to afford to pay for it.

    1. Yeah, we do have very different systems (both in good and less good things). We also pay a lot more taxes ;),

  6. We get lunch included in our kindy fees but next year I have to start packing one – so I’m jealous! But I can see how the right lunch would improve learning.

    1. As a teenager I sure did not appreciate the lunch, it was “the thing to bitch about” and many skipped the lunch. sad. Only when you got older you start appreciating that kind of stuff!

      One thing I like as a parent (like with the kindy meals included in the price) is that at least one less meal to think of!

      1. Yes definitely and the making is one thing but also the sitting them down to eat at that age!

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