Lucia and Stockmann’s Christmas Windows 2014



My daughter remembered that I promised last year I’d take them to see Lucia this year, so I did last on Saturday (Dec 13th). My girl was in awe, it was worth standing in the cold and the crowd. But while waiting to see Lucia come down the stairs we enjoyed a ride in the free merry go around and a quick glimpse of the Christmas Market (Tuomaan markkinat) on the square. I liked the renewed look of the market but spent more time chatting with friends than actually checking what was for sale, so I may have to go back.



On the way home we ran into a Christmas themed parade on Esplanadi that our kids loved. They were thrilled to see Lucia had made it to the end of the parade and waved to my son (and quite a few others…).


Before hopping on a bus home we also checked out the window displays at Stockmann that all children need to see. Wonder how long it takes them to build all the things with legos? Must be the dream job for quite a few engineers!













  1. […] posted pictures of the Helsinki Stockmann Christmas Window display every December since I started the blog. This year will be no different: here’s the winter […]

  2. […] out the Stockmann Christmas window displays, the annual tradition our 5 yo already asks for (check 2014 and 2013). The children were not disappointed: The best part were the small circles on the windows, […]

  3. […] time for us to leave. However, some 4 hours of train and bus rides and being active outside (after a rather big evening the previous day too) resulted in sleeping kids at […]

  4. I think my husband would love to make those lego landscapes… With z’s help of course. 🙂

    1. I bet mine would too. And I know my kids would already be better at building those than I am…

  5. I remember the Stockmann windows you talked about last year. I’m trying to figure out how to get time to go into town before Christmas with our guys!

    1. I know that dilemma. There’d be a couple of really nice Christmas markets and events still to visit, not to mention just to soje in the bling bling of Christmas but I think we are running out of time where they’d be fun, too much is too much and evenings are short. Doesn’t help to have a sick child either… but lucky Christmas will be back in a year!

      1. True! That’s the good thing about Christmas. Every year!

  6. That sounds like a fun day – and most of those activities didn’t cost anything! 🙂

    1. All free apart from the food we bought at the market!

  7. What a great Saturday – fun and festive! Love those windows.

    1. It was almost like a mini holiday!

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