Almost Apple Time

You don’t have apple trees but you’d love some apples. And you can see there are plenty of excess apples rotting on the ground because the owners don’t have time or space for it all.

The answer in Helsinki is Stadin omenapörssi on Facebook; you say in what area you are happy to pick, and the once with apples let’s you know when and where. Often for free or for an affordable (especially if already picked and packed) price. There is plenty of people calling out also in the local flee market groups.

Since we moved and lost “our” apple tree, our kids have been happy to pick some this way anyway. Self made apple jam is simply delicious!

I called that a win-win situation



  1. Apple jam … Apple cider .. apple tarts … wow many things

    1. Haven’t tried to make apple cider yet but maybe it’s about time…?☺

      1. true .. try it

  2. I’m intrigued! I’ve never heard of apple jam. I spent the afternoon peeling apples because our neighbour has a huge tree and doesn’t like apples. I make pies and crumble, but would quite like a jam recipe if you have one please? 🙂

    1. I just boil the apples (on low temperature and with a bit of water) and then make the mash smooth in the blender before freezing it. The depending on how I use it (as such eg with cereals or porridge, in pancakes, other cakes or desserts), i add the needed amount of sugar (often none for me but some for kids), cinnamon or other spices. Very simple☺

      1. Cheers! I have a pan lightly stewed all ready 🙂

  3. Good idea! Here in the countryside in little tows you see by the gate boxes full of apples and a sign: Please, take!

    1. You see it here too in some areas. I love how people share and do not want to waste great food!

  4. Awesome idea! Love it!

  5. This is so awesome! Growing up in Sonoma County California, we are surrounded by apples (the type called Gravenstien only grow there) and grapes and dairies. It is like everyone wanted us to have wine with charcuterie plates. haha

    1. That must be the dream surrounding of every woman😀☺ lovely!

      1. It’s pretty amazing 🙂 but everywhere has something awesome to offer. I do miss the wine though 🙂

        1. True, there is something good everywhere. But locally produced wine and cheese, you are pretty obliged to enjoy them…😉 BTW, that is pretty exotic to me!

  6. What a great idea! I’m in my village right now and what tends to happens is that buckets full of ripe fruit just appear on our doorstep 😉

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