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Free but fun goes to Paris

…not really, I wish, but Thrifty Travel Mama did go there with her family, and made an awesome post on the less expensive opportunities to explore with kids. Take a look at it here.

Early Spring Fun

Some are happier about the opportunities of this season than others. Those who make mud soup and sell washing machines are thrilled.

Fancy dresses and Pirate Fruit

As an au pair in the north of Germany some 15 years ago, I got in contact with their Fasching celebration. For the whole carnival week the kids wore fancy dresses to kindergarten and the excitement was palpable. We don’t have any traditions like that, nothing with fancy dresses, even though kids love it. So […]

Anatomy of Time

…looks like this at home: Big sis has been very interested in time (again) lately, and reading a book with times hasn’t really helped her grasp different times. However, when making these clocks, she was happy to try out what the clock looks like when we leave for daycare, when we pick them up, when […]

Fridge Magnets

My daughter has been into Hama beads lately producing lovely little pictures. Some of the suitable sized ones we’ve given away as coasters but I thought they turned into perfect fridge magnets as well (and my birthday greeting in the back is pretty cool too!): Hama beads don’t cost much, the boards can be reused […]

Spring Cleaning

Apart from raising money for our kids daycare, I’ve been going through the closets. A bit early for the spring cleaning, but I blame Simple Mum, who as a part of the preparation for the Chinese New Years celebration cleaned their house – what a wonderful way to prepare for the New Years! Unfortunately that is not a […]

Tips for People who Plan to do Roadtrips with Kids

I think Backus Adventures makes a very extensive list of things to think of when travelling with children. She is travelling Australia with her husband and four kids, so she ought to know. I like her attitude! As for what I liked most when travelling Australia, was spotting the rich wildlife, seeing the beautiful sunsets […]

Daycare and Fyrk

I haven’t been posting much lately, partly because we haven’t done too many free or new things, but also because we’ve been busy. Among other things I’ve been raising money for the daycare with other parents. My kids go to a new daycare, it was founded only a year ago by the municipality. When my children, […]

Right to health

A great free but fun theme that I don’t have too much to say about! All Finns are medically insured by the state, which is great. It is said health care is free for everyone here, but it is not quite true. You pay a small price for seeing the doctor, or having some tests […]

Hen’s Night

Hen’s night may not actually be known as “free”, at least not in this part of the world. But we’ve had a lot of fun planning the hen’s night of the year, involving among other a surprise kidnapping of a bride to be and flight tickets to another country. It will be awesome! But as this […]


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